As the saying goes, “All politics are local politics”—this is the nexus for where we live day to day, this is the place we call home.  I have a vision for what a thriving Redlands looks like, and it involves making sure that all people can contribute and be a part of the conversation, that voices are being heard and more seats are being created at the table.

The very compelling part of this opportunity to be a member of the City Council is to be above the fray of partisan politics and work towards taking care of all Redlanders, regardless of where they live, and to be responsive to the needs of our community.

As a woman, and a young, civically engaged person in Redlands, as well as an out member of the LGBT community, I have a unique vantage point to contribute to the City Council.  I work with college students and am a member of the University of Redlands Alumni Board of Directors.  I see that young people are hungry to get involved in our community and I want to be able to engage them, just as much as anybody else who takes pride in the city we live in. This is a community where people will drop everything to help their neighbors. This is the fiber of what makes Redlands so great—people feel at home and cared for…and if they don’t, I sincerely hope we can work on that. I look forward to it.